Introducing: The Antics Ambassador Program

About the Antics Brand Ambassador Program

*Only available in North America, Other regions coming soon

Our  Brand Ambassador Program is a partnership program with Retail stores that carry our Products 

The Brand ambassador Program is designed to be a reward program for local riders who support the retail Store, Have a positive social media Influence and want to represent Antics Pro Scooters as a brand. 

Riders should be influential in their local area and well represented on social Media. 

All Submissions must be made by a store representative with approval of Store management/ Ownership. (Form at bottom of page)

Once the below form has been submitted and the rider has been approved. A product pack, for the rider, will be sent out to the store with their next order. The contents/ value of this pack will be Discussed with and agreed upon with all parties (the rider, the retail store, and Antics Scooters)

Note- riders who are approved become Brand Ambassadors but are not Officially signed to the Antics Teams - Our team riders are held to a much higher standard with greater expectations. This program is a great stepping stone for riders who wish to be sponsored, and for stores who want more local representation of the Antics Brand. 

What is expected of Antics Brand Ambassadors (ABA)

All ABA's may announce publicly over social media that they are an Antics Brand Ambassador. and if they so choose have north and the partner store listed in their Social Media Bio's

All ABA's are expected to create Scooter related posts on social media on a regular basis. 

Each post should have @anticspro and the Tag of Partner store in Description. 

Each Post should Contain #anticspro and any hashtags applicable to Partner store.

All ABA's should be riding their local spots on a regular basis and be present in their local scooter scene (Attending ride days, Comps, ect.)

All ABA's Should be good, positive influences to those around them and should be Willing to help teach and support riders less experienced then them to help foster a stronger local scooter community. 

All ABA's are to be positive on social media and not engage in any cyber bullying activities. Such activity may result in removal from the program. 

Such activities include but are not limited to

-Degrading or putting down other riders over social media

-Using crude language on social media 

-Engaging in unnecessary heated arguments with other riders over social media.

How Antics Supports all ABA's 

Antics will provide all ABA's with free products and Swag. (Product type and value to be decided after submission approval, Ongoing value may change based on performance of ABA)

We will also occasionally shout out riders who post high quality content on our social media. 

We will Have a page on our website that lists all ABA's and the stores they are connected with

If a rider creates a high quality edit we will post it to our YouTube for greater exposure.

ABA's may also be privy to information about upcoming products we will be bringing to market before they are publicly announced, at the discretion of Antics Pro Scooters.

Contact Details

If you believe you have a rider in mind for our Ambassador Program or any questions in regards to the program, please contact: with the Subject line: "Antics Ambassador Program Inquiry"

For FAQ about our Program click here.

For a full list of Antics Brand Ambassadors Click Here.