The Gallery Deck is available now!

Gallery Release


The long awaited Gallery Deck from Antics Pro releases today on March 1st!

We wanted to take a second to give our readers an inside look at some of the key features, and break down what makes this innovative deck so special.

The Gallery deck is released in four different colourways: Matte Black, Teal, Red and Orange. It features a 5.0” width, and two lengths: 19.5” and 20.5”. The Gallery, wouldn't be the Gallery without a killer aesthetic design either, That’s why we topped the deck with a beautiful translucent paint job, ranging in multiple colours from black, teal, orange and red as well as our favourite: the “Gallery graphic”, a beautiful design, sure to turn heads that’s featured on every single colourway. 

Gallery Range

The Gallery deck is the first of its kind to utilize AUT technology, a one piece extrusion ranging from the headtube to the deckplate. The use of this technology removes the most susceptible point of the scooter deck, the headtube/deckplate welds, and allows never before seen impact distribution throughout the whole deck, rather than one weak point. 

The Antics unity extrusion technology (AUT) allows for heavy impacts to be distributed throughout the whole deck. The two rail system runs from the headtube, to the rear of the deck, maintaining both a sleek look, and strong impact pattern.

Gallery Range 2

The Gallery deck utilizes high grade Nylon deck ends, as well as a blunt plate. The use of nylon allows for a perfectly smooth grind, while having little to no effect on the overall weight of the deck. These aspects are also modular which allow the rider to pick and choose if they want to ride with or without the added grind surface.

We couldn’t be happier with the Gallery and we’re confident it is bound to take the scooter world to new heights. Head over to the Gallery Deck product page today to get your own Gallery Deck, and make sure to tag @anticspro in all your Gallery related content!