our team

cody ribley

Fav Trick: Kickless Finger

Fav Rider: Cody Flom

Hometown: Solvang, California

Nickname: Cody

Gnarliest Bail: Legwrap bar to face plant and KO

chris beyrent

Fav Trick: Flair bar

Fav Rider: Chris Farris

Hometown: Holly Springs, NC

Nickname: Chris

Gnarliest Bail: Umbrella kickless over coping to faceplant, cut my head open and sprained my ankle at the same time

Isaac hofer

Fav Trick: Full heel whip or Flair

Fav Rider: Morgan Jones or Roomet Säälik

Hometown: Maple Valley, WA

Nickname: Chi

Gnarliest Bail: Flip to fakie but over rotated to my back and slammed my head on the ground causing me to get knocked out.

max jackson

Fav Trick: Stanley flip whip

Fav Rider: Dylan Morrison

Hometown: St Austell, UK

Nickname: MJ

Gnarliest Bail: Buttercup buttercup, over spun it and tore ligaments in my ankle

yoel hirt

Fav Trick: Body Varial

Fav Rider: Dylan Morrison

Hometown: St. Gallen, Switzerland

Nickname: Snake

Gnarliest Bail: I jumped over a step-up, lost my balance, flew head first on the ramp and knocked myself out. Needed stitches.

kaelen klessens

Fav Trick: Flair whip or Bri butter

Fav Rider: Dylan Morrison

Hometown: Lacombe, AB

Nickname: “Kles”

Gnarliest Bail: Inward to face plant over a 3 foot long spine- fractured ribs / sprained hand.